Todd Jagger Photo Gallery - El Camino Real

"Ruined Franciscan Mission, Laguna Encinillas, El Camino Real, Chihuahua, Mexico"


This mission was located on the grounds of an abandoned hacienda which was part of the vast holdings of Luis Terrazas. Sr. Terrazas was once asked by an American reporter if his ranch was located in the State of Chihuahua, to which he replied, "No, the State of Chihuahua is on my ranch." It has been said that the feudal domination of the region by Sr. Terrazas was one of the principal reasons for the Mexican Revolution in northern Mexico. Legend has it that during the Revolution, his son was kidnapped by the revolutionaries and ransom demanded for his return. Sr. Terrazas paid the ransom and he got an ear in return, along with another ransom demand. This was paid and he received a finger with another demand. This scenario was played out for at least five transactions. Unfortunately I don't know the end of the story, but I would assume it was tragic for the son.

Note: I heard the kidnapping story from a few sources in Mexico, all completely anecdotal. I have not been able to verify its authenticity. I was surprised to find references and discussion about this story and my relating it on the 'net. If anyone can confirm or refute the story I'd be interested in the truth.

Sr. Terrazas had five palacial haciendas in northern Mexico. Some of which were only occupied for a few weeks each year. At the "end" of the Revolution (if it actually has ended...) his properties were confiscated by the government and distributed to the people. However, to this day, no one will live in the haciendas for fear of the ghosts of the Terrazas family. I visited two of the estates and each had holes dug in the grounds, in the walls, in the floors, etc., by people looking for treasure. It was said that one man pulled a chest full of silver and gold from the well at the hacienda just outside of Ciudad Chihuahua in the 1930's. This hacienda is being renovated for future use as a museum.


Text & Photograph © 1993, Todd Jagger
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